Masonry Restoration Continues

While a little cloudy, it was a beautiful, warm day to be out on the site reviewing progress on the masonry restoration, site clearing, and utility hook-ups. 

Given that Cable Mills is adhering to the strict standards of the National Park Service, we're matching grout color and density and bricks to match the best that we can with the modern materials that we have. Cable Mills was built over time meaning in some instances each building could have a different blend of grout and brick used. In addition, prior to any restoration we're cleaning the brick which alone has made a dramatic improvement in many areas.

In anticipation of installation of a bulk of the utilities we're clearing brush and view corridors to the Green River per our approved plans. This will allow residents using the Riverwalk to see down to the river in several areas while also preserving the natural beauty of the river edge. 

Finally, it was great to see new water lines running into the building to support the new sprinkler systems and domestic water. The water will also support construction activities.

Photos from the visit are below and we look forward to posting more updates as we make progress towards opening!