The windows have arrived! 

We're so excited because over the next month or so the facade of the mills will really transform as a result of installing these absolutely gorgeous historic replica windows into the brick openings that have been painstakingly repaired.

While made of modern materials in order to perform to the latest energy standards, using historic photos and descriptions, they were custom designed to match the look and operability of their ancestors. The result is a high quality, efficient window that is massive letting in natural light and showing off the tremendous views of the river, town, and mountains beyond. 

Below are a few pictures of the first installations and more windows arrive from the factory each week so please make sure to visit us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest photos from the site. 

Clean lines contrast nicely with the restored brick facade. 

The view from the living room of Apartment 404 looking east. 

Looking up at the fourth floor from Water Street

Window panes ready for the installation