Cable Mills Site History

The Water Street Mill, as it was historically known, was the third factory in Williamstown; today it is the sole remaining one. Organized in 1873 and known originally as the A. Loop and Company, twine was manufactured briefly on site until A. Loop and Co. dissolved in 1883. Plans for a watch company and a paint company followed, but never materialized. Not until 1892 was the factory again in operation, this time under the proprietorship of an English firm known as the Boston Finishing Works. They engaged primarily in bleaching dye and made a large addition to the plant, however in 1906 it was closed again. It was taken over by the Boyd Corduroy Company in 1912 and used as a weaving and finishing mill. Extensive additions were made during their occupancy. Like the Greylock Mills, the enterprise was a victim of the depression in 1930. In 1936 the plant was purchased and subsequently enlarged by Cornish Wire, which prospered on the site and was sold to General Cable Company in 1984, which continued to manufacture wire and cable until the early 1990’s. Before being closed for redevelopment, it served as incubator space for small technology and investment companies.


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