43% of America’s carbon emissions comes from the operation of buildings and this doesn’t include the carbon that is generated by extracting, manufacturing, and transporting building materials. Any solution to climate change must include being wiser about how we design and use our buildings.

Cable Mills is part of the solution...

  • Adaptive Reuse: Cable Mills as it stands today represents the embodied energy of 1,350,000 gallons of gasoline, that if demolished would be wasted while also creating 7,200 tons of debris. Building new homes of equal size to Cable Mills would release about as much carbon into the atmosphere as driving a car 216 times around the world.
  • Walkable Neighborhoods: located within the town center Cable Mills offers living within walking distance of shops restaurants, golfing, and the college. By also creating a riverwalk along the Green River open to all pedestrians, Cable Mills is going to make the Williamstown more inviting for walkers and bicyclists.
  • Native Vegetation: the new landscape at Cable Mills will be well adapted to the climate and provide excellent erosion, sediment, dust, and pollution control. 
  • Water Conserving Fixtures & Appliances: Showers and faucets account for approximately 25% of indoor water use; toilets approximately 20%. Cable Mills will feature water conserving faucets, toilets, and appliances that conserve water.
  • Compact Development: the flats, lofts, and townhouses at Cable Mills encourage more resource efficient development of land and the conservation of energy.
  • Efficient Lighting: Cable Mills will utilize lighting that consumes 2/3 less energy and last 10 times longer than conventional fixtures.
  • Solar Ready: Cable Mills will be photovoltaic ready so that if the developer or owners decide to install solar Cable Mills, no further structural support will be required.
  • Low/No VOC Paint & Sealants: Cable Mills won’t use interior paints, primers, or sealants that release volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) that may pose health hazards to residents.
  • Ventilation: new, efficient mechanical systems will provide adequate fresh air in order to improve interior air quality.
  • Healthy Flooring Materials: with poured concrete floors, Cable Mills will utilize a flooring material that cuts down on allergens and other particulates that may pose a health risk to susceptible residents.
  • Smoke-free: Cable Mills won’t allow smoking anywhere in the buildings, because second hand smoke is the third leading cause of preventable death in the country.

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